Hinterland | The Benefits of Owning a Vineyard

Hinterland | The Benefits of Owning a Vineyard

Whether you’ve always dreamed of owning a vineyard or have only recently considered making one your home, there are many benefits to living and working among the vines. From European-style estates in California to a historic homestead in South Africa to a West Coast–style winery in Canada, there is no shortage of opportunities to make the dream a reality. Owning a vineyard is not only about running a business or winning acclaim—though those things are a major plus—it also offers a host of unexpected upsides. So whether you’re an enthusiast looking to bottle the next award-winning merlot, a hobbyist in pursuit of a weekend fascination, or a casual browser on the hunt for an idyllic vacation property, vineyard ownership is an adventure waiting to be discovered.

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There are places in the world that inspire you immediately upon arrival. A vineyard is one of these places: the rolling hills and budding vines connote romance and tranquility. Transport yourself to the South of France or the hills of Tuscany with a vineyard that works overtime on inspiring views. This elegantly-designed home in California’s Bay Area is an example of such a place. The estate is bounded by roughly four acres of vineyards. Open up the living room’s French doors and lose yourself in the lush vines on all sides. Plus, there’s nothing quite like the golden glow of the sun setting on the grape leaves in the distance.

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Whether you plan to be your own winemaker or to hire one, the joy of working outside among the grapes and vines is unmatched. Getting to know the landscape around your vineyard and taking part in the harvesting process can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Leave the office for the hillside, and slow down and appreciate each season’s unique influence on the land. This modern farm in Cambridge, Vermont is an ideal place to roll up your sleeves, its assembled buildings a harmonious combination of contemporary and historic. The sprawling 270 acres of land means there’s plenty of room for other horticultural projects, including beekeeping and tending the property’s fruit-bearing trees.

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As any businessperson knows, there has to be passion behind a project to make it work—especially when it comes to owning a vineyard, which can be a huge undertaking for even the most financially savvy. But owning a vineyard ensures your career doesn’t overtake your aspirations. Meld your life’s work and your enthusiasms with an estate like this tastefully-French-inspired home in California’s Napa Valley. With a bright, well-appointed main house, .75 acres of planted Cabernet Sauvignon vines, and 1.75 available acres in the Rutherford dust, it would be hard not to feel a thrill when considering the potential of this property to make your passions come true.

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With the space that a vineyard affords, not to mention the breathtaking views, who wouldn’t want to tap into their inner host sensibilities? In addition to welcoming friends and family into your vineyard undertaking, owning a winery presents the opportunity for larger events—like weddings, where vineyard settings are a trend on the rise. From a business perspective, it’s beneficial to open up your vineyard or winery to the public—the exposure will not only help sell the wine you’re producing, but encourage others to hold events in your space in the future. The family-run Averill Creek, a 46-acre winery in Duncan, British Columbia, is built into the side of Mount Prevost and can host 100 guests at a time. Complete with a tasting room and bistro, Averill Creek and its Pacific Northwest surroundings are the ideal locale for any number of elegant nights.

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Every vineyard has a story to tell—some older than others—and this rich history can be one of the most enchanting parts of making one your home. Whether the estate itself has been around for centuries or the surrounding locale is ripe with timeless charm, the life of a vintner can be deeply connected to history. Step onto this venerable wine estate in Western Cape, South Africa, and you’ll immediately feel the pulse of stories past. Dating back to 1709, with upgraded renovations 10 years ago, the Grand Dédale Country House features a library and tea lounge, as well as a large veranda overlooking the 86 acres of planted vines on the property. House additional guests in the property’s separate thatched cottage, and cap off your night with a glass of Cabernet Franc next to the picturesque saltwater pool.

While the reality is that owning a vineyard can come with its fair share of challenges, the perks may be worth the effort. Vineyard life is about more than wine: it can be a rich communal experience and a venture with many stories past—and future—to be told.

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