Inspired by Travel | How to Bring the Colors of the Amalfi Coast Home

Morning view of Amalfi Coast, photo courtesy of proslgn / Shutterstock Inc

Italy’s Amalfi Coast has long been an attractive destination for travelers seeking sun and inspiring landscapes. The 30 miles of coast is a slice of idyllic beauty, where winding roads lead to historical villages, inviting town squares, pebbled bays, and hidden beaches. From Sorrento to Salerno, the palette of the Amalfi Coast is a rainbow to lift any spirits.

Whether it’s the sea-inspired sapphires or the mountainous greys that catch your eye, there’s a way to bring a bit of Italy into your home no matter where in the world you find yourself. Here are the shades we recommend to make the Amalfi Coast feel closer.

Lemon Yellow

Historical buildings at the center of Atrani on Amalfi Coast, photo courtesy of GoneWithTheWind / Shutterstock Inc

Traverse the Amalfi Coast and you’re sure to find buildings painted in shades of sunshine and vibrant, lemony yellow. Yellow is more than a paint color here—vast lemon fields cover the Sorrento Peninsula and Limoncello is the liqueur of choice. Most Julys, the village of Massa Lubrense, not far from Sorrento, holds a lemon festival to celebrate the abundance of the citrus in the area.

Carmel, California | Michael CanningNicholas CanningJessica CanningBrian Keck, & Ellen KrausseSotheby’s International Realty – Carmel Rancho Brokerage

Welcome the spirit of Italian sunshine and lemon groves home with accents drawn from one of the most uplifting hues on the color wheel. Muted yellow walls can brighten up a space, especially alongside cream-toned wainscotting—details that are reminiscent of the architectural styles of the Coast’s 18th-century architecture. For a more subtle approach, opt for lemon-colored accents: reupholster antique chairs with yellow fabric, add a throw pillow to otherwise neutral furnishings, or simply display vases of wildflowers in shades of citrine.

Coral Pink

Aerial view of Atrani on Amalfi Coast, photo courtesy of Rudy Balasko / Shutterstock Inc

From mesmerizing pink sunsets to coral-painted hotels, the Amalfi Coast is glimmering with shades of blush. Known for its dramatic sunsets, the entire Amalfi Coast becomes awash with pink light in the evenings—it’s no wonder the area’s long been a source of inspiration for artists, writers, and musicians.

Bristol, Rhode Island | Allison DesselMott & Chace Sotheby’s International Realty

The bathroom in this Rhode Island home takes a novel approach to pink, using varying shades to bring a sense of whimsical elegance to a spacious walk-in shower. Pinks ranging from blush to fuschia invigorate the room, providing a welcome pop of color against a palette of light marble and whites. Begin your mornings surrounded by the hues of an Amalfi daybreak, and let the energy of pink bring positivity to your day.

Cloud White

Positano town on the Amalfi Coast, photo courtesy of Alex Tihonovs / Shutterstock Inc

The abundance of brilliant, whitewashed homes on the Amalfi Coast creates a striking contrast with the region’s natural elements. White is often used for architecture in regions where the heat is persistent, as it helps to reflect the sun and reduce temperatures indoors. In addition to serving a purpose, shades of cloud white stand in stand out against the lush green plant life, turquoise waters, and terracotta rooftops.

Wellington, Florida | Thomas BaldwinEquestrian Sotheby’s International Realty

The Amalfi Coast proves that white can be a bold statement, especially when paired with other, more dominant shades. This equestrian home’s shingle roof, terracotta tiling, and verdant landscaping are made all the more elegant and striking by the use of crisp white exteriors. Details like deep-set front windows and oversized urns add personality to the white canvas.

Terracotta Orange

Terracotta roofs of Salerno on Amalfi Coast, photo courtesy of Boris Stroujko / Shutterstock Inc

Blue and orange are on complementary sides of the color wheel, and perhaps nowhere is this partnership more alive than on the Amalfi Coast. The region’s terracotta rooftops bring warmth and vibrancy to the myriad blues of the sea and sky.

Brussels, Belgium | Philippe DijkmansBrussels Sotheby’s International Realty

Much like the effect of the rooftops on the Amalfi Coast, shades of terracotta can act as an invigorating counterpart to cooler tones. The lounge area in this contemporary home in Brussels finds balance by pairing orange throw pillows, an area rug, and accessories with cool grays and blacks for a room that welcomes without overwhelming. Take a cue from this space to introduce the hue subtly but with confidence.

Sea Sapphire and Turquoise

Beach chairs in Sorrento, photo courtesy of Gabriele Maltinti / Shutterstock Inc

From the sea to the lounge chairs dotting the shoreline to the cerulean sky overhead, the dominant colors on the Amalfi Coast are sapphire and turquoise. Short stretches of beach, rocky inlets, and soaring cliffs line the coast here, where the views always return to the cobalt Mediterranean.

Henderson, Nevada | Gene NorthupSynergy Sotheby’s International Realty

Endlessly versatile, blue can be used in home décor as a subtle accent or a dominant feature, guiding the rest of your room’s design. In this modern Henderson home, shades of turquoise and teal balance out neutral tones in a bedroom: an upholstered bench seat, velvet armchairs, and a turquoise alcove ground the space, while a wall treatment of vertical stripes in variegated blue-greens adds a tranquil focal point.

Mountain Gray

View of the Amalfi Coast from the Sea, photo courtesy of byvalet / Shutterstock Inc

Far from being a minor player in the spectrum of colors on the Amalfi Coast, the gray of the Amalfi Coast mountains, hillsides, and rocky cliffs is as iconic as the turquoise Mediterranean below.

Madrid, Spain | Elena BabéMadrid Sotheby’s International Realty

Soft shades of mountain-inspired gray are a strong foundation for a neutral palette. Warmer than cool whites, gray is a versatile shade that works well to tktk office spaces, tktk kitchens to, and open up living rooms. In this prestigious home in Madrid, multiple shades of gray create the perfect backdrop for abstract art and metallic accents found in the reflective coffee tables and lounge chair.

Travel exposes us to cultures different from our own, landscapes that deepen our appreciation for nature, and design that inspires us to adjust our own spaces. Whether visiting in person in the future or taking in the coast virtually from home, the colors of the Amalfi Coast are sure to enliven your next redecorating project.

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