The Latest in Lighting | 5 Homes With Illuminating Features

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Great interior design harmoniously blends form and function. Lighting is a perfect example of this balance in practice: the shape and construction of a light fixture can be just as important as the intensity of its shine. The options when it comes to illuminating a room are practically endless, but for those who enjoy a rising trend, a few lighting styles are having a moment in today’s interiors. The five exceptional properties below feature fashionable lighting used in inspiring ways, with the potential to spark unlimited bright ideas. 

Minimalist Lines

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It’s often said that less is more, and the same can be true for light fixtures. Instead of overpowering a space, minimalist lighting highlights the overall beauty and simplicity of a room, and can act as a counterpoint to busier interiors. Minimalism, however, absolutely does not equal boring: look for fixtures with elegant curves and sleek lines to complement a contemporary space, like in the open-concept kitchen in this Greater Toronto urban oasis.

Vertical Chandeliers

Singapore | Veniz KwongList Sotheby’s International Realty

Chandeliers are synonymous with grandeur, but sometimes a room calls for something a little less traditional. Enter the vertical chandelier, a twist on the classic fixture that offers just as much glamour. These stylish pendant-style light installations can make a perfect corner accent or dramatic centerpiece depending on the layout of a room, and they add an instant sense of luxury thanks to their scale. As a prime example, take the custom chandelier featured in this ultra-modern penthouse in Singapore. Designed and installed by Paris-based glass artist Nathalie Ziegler, the chandelier gives the effect of light suspended in midair.  

Paired Pendants

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While past design wisdom favored odd numbers for light fixtures, matching pairs are on trend for 2020. Our brains are predisposed to appreciate the calming regularity of order, and creating symmetry in a space can provide a soothing sense of balance. With fewer lights, there’s more room to be bold with larger fixtures made from dramatic materials, like in this recently-restored Greenwich Village townhouse, where a pair of chromatic overhead lights hang in warm contrast to the outdoor greenery.

Lighting as Art

La Jolla, California | Donna MedreaPacific Sotheby’s International Realty

In homes where wallspace for art is limited by windows offering stunning vistas instead, the option to hang art from the ceiling is an appealing solution. Combine form and function seamlessly by letting a light fixture act as an artistic focal point for a room. Unique, grand pieces that draw the eye are cropping up in luxury interiors, and there’s much to be said for pushing the envelope on lighting design. Sculptural fixtureslike the overhead masterpiece in this recently remodeled estate in La Jolla Shorescreate an impact as soon as you enter a space, and leave an impression long after you leave. 

Natural Materials

Turks & Caicos | Nina SiegenthalerTurks & Caicos Sotheby’s International Realty

Organic materials like wood never fully go out of style, and natural hues and textures are surfacing again in designer lighting. Almost any space feels instantly warmer and more inviting with the addition of wicker, rattan, or bamboo, and woven and carved lampshades make for an engaging visual landscape. These airy materials are the perfect accents for tropical climates and year-round vacation homes that maximize indoor/outdoor living, like in Casa Tremer, a majestic and private beachfront property in Turks & Caicos. Even when you are far from the coast, organic light fixtures can bring the freshness of nature home.

It’s a design maxim that lighting holds the power to transform a room. Whether a space impresses with sleek minimalism or exudes beachfront comfort, there’s a current lighting trend to suit every environment. The conscious curation of each detail—lighting included—is what makes today’s interiors shine.

For more inspiration, browse these lighting-forward homes and find the fixtures that stand out.

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