Why Your Next Vacation Home Will be in The Bahamas

Why Your Next Vacation Home Will be in The Bahamas

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If the persistent chill and gray days of winter have you feeling like you need an escape, look no further than The Bahamas. This perennial getaway is a premium destination for the best the Caribbean has to offer: crystal-clear blue ocean, white sand beaches, and rich local culture.  Even setting aside resorts like Atlantis Paradise Island, the many golf courses, and, of course, the perfect beaches that make the islands a preeminent vacation choice, The Bahamas is an inspired option for your next vacation home.

With a real estate industry that welcomes expatriates and foreign buyers, the choice couldn’t be more obvious. Here are a few reasons why we’re calling this tropical paradise the next spot for your home away from home.

The Climate

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The most obvious reason to establish some roots of your own in this string of islands is the desirable weather. Thanks to the surrounding water, the Bahamian islands are both warmed and cooled by trade winds, causing the temperature to consistently sit between 70° and 90°F (21° and 32°C). While peak visiting season is found between December and April, there is not much of an off-season in The Bahamas—however, like many of the countries on the Caribbean Sea, the area does experience a hurricane season between June 1 and November 30, and new residents should ensure their preparedness before travel. Despite its storms, the region boasts roughly 340 sunny days a year, which means your vacation home won’t often have to sit empty. Enjoy the sun at this estate on Harbour Island, one of only five homes in the private enclave of the exclusive Dunmore Beach Club.

The Economy

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With one of the strongest economies in the region, The Bahamas is a smart choice for both investors and vacationers. As the economy depends heavily on tourism, the services offered to expats and visitors are plentiful; 90% of the GDP is accounted for by the service industry, while manufacturing and agriculture contribute modestly. The Bahamian dollar is on-par with the U.S. dollar—most businesses also accept U.S. currency—and the state has no income or corporate taxes.

Take advantage of this with a home that strikes the perfect balance of modern luxury and island living. This contemporary home, located in Eleuthera, brings a sense of zen to the Caribbean. Constructed with Carrara white marble, limestone, and other elevated organic materials, the property is a clear reflection of its idyllic environs.

The Stability

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Since gaining independence from Britain in 1973, the government of The Bahamas has maintained a tradition of democracy and stability. A member of the Commonwealth of Nations and a constitutional parliamentary democracy, The Bahamas has seen an increase in the government’s efforts to strengthen infrastructure and support tourism. Choose a vacation home that reinforces your peace of mind.. Offering the necessities of comfort and security, this property, located on New Providence, is situated within the exclusive club development of Albany.

Retirement Opportunities

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If you find your Bahamian vacation home becoming a common stop on your yearly calendar, it may be worth considering retiring there. While it can be a long process to establish permanent residency,the purchase of property equalling or exceeding $750,000 BSD—with priority given to homes over $1.5 million BSD—will allow foreigners to apply for a Home Owner’s Resident Card. Holders of this card, which can be renewed annually, are able to enter and live in The Bahamas for the duration of the year.

With the relaxing lifestyle the Caribbean is famous for, as well as the tax advantages mentioned above, The Bahamas is a wise choice for those looking to retire somewhere warm. Imagine making this stunning Colonial-style property your permanent home, set in the heart of Lyford Cay on New Providence. With five bedrooms, five-and-a-half bathrooms, and 10,000 square feet of living area, there’s plenty of space to host visiting family and friends.

The Islands’ Vibrant Cultures

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Certainly one of the most appealing aspects of The Bahamas is the distinctive culture, with nuances visible across the 30 inhabited islands. Because of its history as a British settlement, the primary spoken language here is English, making it easy for English-speaking visitors to communicate with locals. With more than 3,000 islands, cays, and inlets comprising the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, there are an endless number of discoveries to be made. Explore the cultural center of Nassau, the historical hub of commercial activity and the country’s capital. Nestled within the pastel-colored British colonial buildings are exciting dining options, the breathtaking Retreat Garden National Park, and stirring historical sites like Fort Charlotte, the largest fort on New Providence with impressive views of Paradise Island and Nassau. Stop by John Watling’s Distillery to sample handcrafted Bahamian rum and spirits at an estate founded in 1789.

Find your own piece of Bahamian history in this Old Fort Bay property, conveniently located near a local airport and the center of Nassau. The private oasis is enveloped by tropical landscaping and features a swimming pool and two cabanas.

For a tropical paradise that will quickly win you over, look no further than The Bahamas. With the added benefits of economic stability, a diverse culture, and endlessly stunning landscapes, this Caribbean treasure is the best spot for your next vacation home.

Discover the idyllic islands of The Bahamas with these captivating tropical properties.

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